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Australian Collectors Group



I'm pleased to join you on this forum.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia, and I'm interested to learn whether there are any networks or clubs for vintage drum lovers and collectors in WA, Australia or the Oceania region.

Can any members direct me to a site, link or contact to get me going, please?

If there isn't a network, is anyone interested in helping me form one?

Happy drumming!


Posted on 15 years ago


We have 3 or 4 collectors that are members here and I have met a few offline. So I wonder if there is a large enough group to start a group.

Then again any group more then 2 would work.

We can make this a sticky thread and see how many Australian members respond


Posted on 15 years ago

[COLOR="Blue"]That sounds like a great idea, David!

If anyone out there is interested, please let us know here, on the forum.[/COLOR]

Posted on 15 years ago
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I'd be interested, great idea. Could be a more affordable ways to trade parts ect locally. I'm in Melbourne.


Posted on 15 years ago
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Welcome to the Forum!!!

Posted on 15 years ago

Hi there.

I'm Rob from Sydney. I got directed here from the moderators in the States.

I've just ordered a custom made Brady kit from WA. 10 weeks delivery time.... needless to say... very excited.

But... my wife doesn't like my idea of keeping my Ludwig kit... I suggested we buy a new house with an extra room to house my drums etc... she kinda did not like that idea.

Anyway... I want to sell my Ludwig kit... the badges suggest the kit is from late 70's to mid 80's.

Anyway... happy to talk anything drumming... and the idea is a good one to start the group in OZ.



Posted on 14 years ago
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Just wanted to chime in sayin' I'm a fan of alot of bands from Down Under.

Weddings, Paul Kelly, Hunters ect.. dating myself.

Saw Mark Seymour a few weeks ago here in Toronto great show.

Posted on 14 years ago

Dont forget about Kylie Monogue!! And didn't Men At Work "come from a land down under" ???

"If it doesn't matter who wins or loses then why the hell do they keep score Peg? - Al Bundy
Posted on 14 years ago
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I live in Adelaide.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


"It's Charlie Watts' band
Without him we wouldn't have a group"

Keith Richards
Posted on 14 years ago

Hi there Austarlian People! Any one selling or trading a Dandy by any chance?
Cause you got the bug dont'cha?
Posted on 14 years ago
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