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Old 08-23-2017, 10:01 AM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF's
... and a few more pics! ...

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Old 08-23-2017, 10:15 AM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF's
Super Sweet, Tommy! With matching canister throne to boot! I bet those things sound thunderous!
Old 08-23-2017, 12:07 PM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF's
Love the kit Tommy!
That 16x14 floor tom is an interessting size. Allen Blaemire's personal kit had this size floor tom.
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Old 08-23-2017, 12:35 PM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF's
vyacheslav! / mendozart!

THANK YOU for the nice words, and glad you liked! Couple items of perhaps interest ...

vyacheslav: Fibes actually offered a custom canister throne option in their catalog! I have only seen ONE in my entire life. Reason for that I always thought is by the time the canister was offered, not many wanted one! The canister is, as I think you might agree, a carryover from the big band days .. thus .. in the 70's there just wasn't much interest. I had been playing my 67/68 Fibes BR COF's with my 1965 Rogers WMP canister throne just as Buddy did with his Fibes COF's in 1967 .. but .. a bunch of guys said I should try and find a chrome canister throne to match instead of using the Rogers WMP model. I looked for a while ... nothing. So, I decided to make one to match the Fibes! That is the throne you see in the pics. It came out GREAT!, and as a finishing touch, it even has the Fibes badge in the spot they put theirs. It does complete the "look" nicely, and is incredibly comfortable too. I'll attach a pic from an earlier show I played where you can see the WMP Rogers canister with the Fibes ... then a pic of the Fibes canister after I finished it. Hopefully you will ENJOY!

mendozart: THAT is very cool! I love Allen Blaemire's stuff too! I have a 1966 Blaemire 5X14 in WMP disguised to look like a Rogers Dynasonic that was built for Louie Bellson. I play that drum with my Rogers BR Celebrity's from time to time. That snare drum KILLS! That said ... I LOVE the 16X14 floor tom! What a GREAT size, and I can't believe more of them weren't built. The DEPTH of a 16", but the head diameter of a 14" ... absolutely KILLS. What a sound/tone. It's perfect with this set too as I'm coming off the 8X12 to a 16X14, then a 16X16, which affords a near perfect "spread" tonally. Here's a nice side view of the two floor toms. THANKS!, and glad you liked!

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Old 08-23-2017, 02:04 PM
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Cool Re: 1972 Fibes COF
So sweet!! I`m on overload!!

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Old 08-23-2017, 04:27 PM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF
Wow!! Very cool kit.

Looking for a late 80's to early 90's, preferably Arctic White Pearl MLX 14x14 floor tom.
Old 08-23-2017, 04:37 PM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF

Unbelievable! When did you get the second COF Fibes kit? Really nice sizes to give you some variety and flexibility from the larger Fibes. I like the fact that you kept the Rogers cymbal stands and HH in the setup (did BR do that also?).

The canister throne is gorgeous. How about a brief description of how you made it.

Thanks for sharing.


(and that stage looks familiar. Local venue here in CT or were you on the road?)
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Old 08-24-2017, 08:47 AM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF
grantro / Atlantaskins / mchair303 :

THANKS for the kind words and glad you all enjoyed the pics/drums! Mike ... to answer your queries:

I grabbed these back in March, ripped 'em all down and did "my thing" to them as it were! <smile> When I saw these, I thought the sizes would be PERFECT for all the other dates I play, leaving the Fibes Buddy Rich's for the bigger theater's and shows. These are a bit easier to move around, yet still sound HUGE, and with that great pinpoint focus that a fiberglass shell affords. The bass drum in particular is a CANNON! Regarding the Rogers hardware:

I have Rogers Swivo hardware with ALL my sets actually! Each set has it's own hardware, and that would be both the Fibes and both the Rogers! Buddy originally used Meazzi hardware with his Fibes in 1967 .. Fibes was supplying Meazzi hardware during this period .. except for the ride "L" arm and the splash "L" arm, which were from his Rogers set .. and of course his Rogers WMP canister throne. During the later part of the mere 6 months in 1967 that Buddy played all Fibes, he did use his Rogers Swivo/Swanleg cymbal stands too. Regarding the canister throne:

I thought at first that I would have a fiberglass canister made in the height I needed, but then I said it might be better/easier to find a DONOR canister that someone was cutting loose cheap, and modify that. I looked for a few months actually, and then it showed! Guy out in CA had a custom canister built by Jim Petty of JP3 out in Texas, and was getting out of playing, so he was selling off some of his stuff. He had this throne built at 24" high .. YIKES! .. and wrapped to match his Green Sparkle rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity's. Anyway, we settled on a price, and he shipped it off. I completely disassembled it and stripped off the pearl wrap, then cut 3" off the bottom as I sit at 21" high ... then made a NEW bottom piece out of 5/16" ply and installed that. Then, off to Jammin' Sam's for some chrome wrap, and re-wrapped the throne. I painted the new plywood base black and added the aluminum trim ring ... re-drilled for all the latches/seat, and added the Fibes badge. Voila! A matching, fully functional and comfortable!, "chrome" canister throne in the original Fibes canister throne image. Added bonus is that he had a custom case made for it by Humes and Berg and threw that in with it! I had to also cut the case down to fit the new dimensions, but no issue, and it came out perfect! I'll attach a couple other pics for you.

Regarding the venue/venues: Well, we have been on the road this summer, in the tri-state area, but ... the color shot was taken at the Hartford Infinity at a show we played this past January ... and the outdoor shot of the smaller Fibes was taken at the Veterans Memorial Amphitheater in Rocky Hill. That is just a beautiful venue! Top shelf sound and light production! This week, Farmington, Rocky Neck/Black Point on Friday, and then Southbury on Saturday. Been quite a busy season, which is great of course! THANKS for the comments and questions Mike! Hope all is well!

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Old 08-24-2017, 09:28 AM
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Default Re: 1972 Fibes COF
Very nice! I'm a sucker for canister thrones...and the 16x14 looks like a cannon ready to go BOOM! Super cool!

I'm no guru, just a vintage drum junkie!

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