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Default Sept 9, 2022 - New round of changes
Things have been stable since the update. I know some of you still have the log-in issue.

The next step is in the works and the project has been outlined and close to approval. This next step will be a change to the lay-out, design and mobile phone functionality. Also, the speed and Google rankings will improve.

As many of you know Google wanted all sights to be mobile friendly years ago and since this site is not, pages lose ranking and are not featured in Google search results.

Things you will not notice are the update to HTML 5, better sitemap and robots.txt. Navigation improvements, image tags and other Google search improvements.

With that, the colors, vintage vibe and theme will remain similar. The logo will have to conform to Googles requirements. The image of the mobile design and desktop home page are a sample and not the final product.

I'm still deciding on a few things. I wish things did not have to change!!
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