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Old 12-07-2018, 11:05 AM
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Default Re: 1968 Ludwig accent appraisal

Huh. So there are no modifications, just ppl very interested in buying my drums for cheap. Interesting...... still keeping them for now, though, had some help fixing up the snare and I'm hooked again!! Will post pics once I'm done moving, was considering the sale to clear up bills, but this is my only kit and they aren't even worth trading - it would be a downgrade in most cases. Also, I'd have to sell basically all my instruments to clear the bills when I can apparently just talk to the companies for some time, got a good job now and should be able to keep my soul ��

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Old 12-07-2018, 01:13 PM
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Default Re: 1968 Ludwig accent appraisal

Originally Posted by vyacheslav View Post
Interesting that the bass drum has the white paint interior and not the "Granitone" interior that is on almost all the Ludwig Standard Kits.

I know there were a few Standard Series anomalies, like using classic lugs vs. Standard lugs for one. Has anyone ever seen a white painted (Resocoat) or clear interior Standard drum?
Of the 546 wood shelled Standard drums from this era I have documented where an interior finish is recorded, 4 are clear, 444 are Granitone, 74 are Reso-Cote, 20 have wrap to match the exterior and 4 were repainted black or red post-factory. The Reso-Cote drums tend to have lower serial numbers, suggesting that they were manufactured earlier in the run of Standards from 1968 to about 1973.
Collecting information about the following for ongoing research projects:
Gretsch drums with serial numbers,
Ludwig Keystone and B/O badge drums with serial numbers and date stamps,
Ludwig Standards from 1968-73, and
Ludwigs with paper labels from 1971-72
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