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Old 11-18-2019, 08:11 PM
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Default The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

Greetings - hopefully I am sharing the following information/images and request for input in the proper place – if not please forgive me and just direct me to the best place!

In his youth my father played the drums in a band based out of the St. Louis area back in the late 1950’s and through the late 1960’s. Even though he took an incredible amount of pride in being a drummer, after I was born the drums hit the closet, only to be brought out a few times over the next few decades. Sadly dad passed away about 8 years ago, and we haven’t had the heart to do anything with the drums beyond keep them safe in the closet. Finally my sister has given me permission to get them out, set them up, beat on them, sell them, or whatever I decide.

So, first step for me is just getting some help properly setting up this drum set and any help identifying the set and/or the components included. By reading through the forum and researching online, looks like this is a Slingerland set from between 1956-1959, probably the Gene Krupa Deluxe Ensemble (I based this on comparing the Slingerland logo/tag on the drums to the info on the forum and reviewing copies of Slingerland catalogs from that time period). There is also date-stamp inside the snare but it is faint… I think it is 1958. If you have better input or more info please let me know. This timeframe makes sense as it is around when he started playing; he was most likely the original and only owner as even though he was only in junior high then, my mom repeatedly reminded him what a lucky spoiled brat only-child he was so I don’t doubt that my grandparents bought this set for him. He probably played in more than one band though high school and college and the army, but I believe the primary band was “The Barons”, and I think they played primarily in the country clubs / bars / events/ weddings / etc.

I wanted to be a drummer as a kid but the band in grade school already had too many kids wanting to be drummers so they made me follow my uncle’s footsteps and play the trumpet. (albeit poorly). Ho hum… if only I was more assertive when I was 9 I may have become a star drummer… then again maybe it’s best I didn’t because if I had become a star in a rock band it could have ended tragically for me… with all the money and resources available to a successful young musician back then I surely would have made even MORE poor choices in my youth and possibly died from disease or drug overdose or some other tragic story. ���� Anyway back to the point of the post… so as you will see from the pictures, an engineer tried to set these drums up - not a drummer. I struggled to get them even set up as well as they are – I had no idea what I was doing and if dad was looking down on me doing this, he was surely both laughing hysterically and cursing as I was doing foolish things that risked breaking elements of his beloved drum set. Thus, I surely have some things wrong, and I have what looks like a few extra pieces left over. ��

Kindly take a look at the pictures and let me know what I have wrong. A few areas I was definitely unclear about was how to put the stands/arms on the bass drum to make sure it stays stable and in place… and how to attach the tom to the bass drum. I wasn’t sure if I got the right symbols on the right stands, or if I even affixed them to the stands properly. I am also obviously unclear of what the best/typical configuration of the different cymbals and drums is… I just speculated based on images I found online… again, educate me!

Thanks for getting this far in my overly-lengthy post, hopefully at a minimum you enjoy the images of a classic old drum set that was loved and played frequently in its heyday.

PS - I linked the images to where I have a BUNCH of pictures posted on a rudimentary freebie wix website – but looks like I can only link 6 images in a single post. I can add more links directly in replies if that is the preferred method, or you can access all the images directly here:

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Old 11-18-2019, 08:24 PM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

User error apparently as I don't see any images... trying to attach a few here, you can follow the link at the bottom of the original post to see more or I can try to attach more here; just let me know what is preferred.
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Old 11-18-2019, 08:27 PM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

And a few images of how I put the cymbals together... not sure if I matched the right symbol to the right stand or if I affixed them properly? (There are more images on
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Old 11-18-2019, 08:49 PM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

I'm dig'n that BD head.

You got a really cool set there. In great shape too. You're in the right place. It's a popular one too. You'll find what you need

The cymbals have trademarks stamped into the Bronze, they're very small and hard to see sometimes. Look close at the top of them and if you can, take pics of those too. It will help you nail down what you have there too. 50's cymbals open eyes here. I crashed and burned lately ID'n cymbals but there are people with personal knowledge and accurate data for you here too.

Now I'll go look at your kit pics.
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Old 11-19-2019, 07:30 AM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

That's a real beauty.

Other guys can point out the details of your kit better than me, but the two- tone finish is called Duco, names after the Dupont paint used on the shells. They are pretty popular and valuable, especially in that shape.

A quick look at the pics, and you should move the rack tom, the one on top of the bass drum, up the rail mount further, and tilt it back to make it playable. It's to low, flat and to far to the left to play like that. The snare goes pretty much directly behind it, and then you sit directly behind both of them, give or take a few inches. Snare should be around belt level, again give or take a few inches. You should sit with your legs facing downward a bit

The biggest cymbal is the ride cymbal and it should sit just to the right of the bass drum and should be much lower than it is. The hi hats sit off all the way to the left where it's comfortable for you to reach with your left foot and the height should be somewhere level with your rack tom, give or take a few inches. The crash cymbal, the mid size cymbal, can sit just to the right of the hi hats and should be a bit higher than hats. Bring all the cymbals close to the kit so you can teach them comfortably.

Look around the net as well, and see pics of different set-ups. That will help you figure things out.

Hope that helps some. Enjoy those beauties and the legacy of them as well!
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Old 11-19-2019, 07:37 AM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

By the way, I'm a 60 year old newbie to drums myself. Played guitar much of my life, because I grew up in an apartment, and of course, drums were to noisy! So our stories are pretty similar!
It's never to late to learn. I'm loving drumming and I feel it's what I should have doing all along. Have fun, and enjoy the journey!
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Old 11-19-2019, 08:06 AM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set


Hello!, and WELCOME the the VDF! Tommyp here, and I am the Admin/Mod of our fine little vintage drum forum! I want to make mention that we much PREFER attachments and NOT LINKING to any off site "photo hosting" services, etc. There are reasons for that!, and the biggest one is: Eventually, ALL of those sites/links go DEAD .. then .. when someone visits here and wants to reference your Slingerland's for example, and clicks the link, there is ... nothing. With attachments, we can archive your pics right here and they are always available for viewing, even years afterwards. So ... THANKS for using attachments Jeff! I might also mention that yes, we can only put up 6 per post, but just do what you did and make more posts if you have more pics! THANKS and enjoy your stay!

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Old 11-19-2019, 09:30 AM
DrumBob DrumBob is offline
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

Hey Jeff, that's a nice old Slingerland set. The date stamped inside what I believe to be the bass drum looks like 1960 if I'm not mistaken. You did a pretty fair job of setting them up, but Jimmy gave you some good pointers. That set is desirable from a collectible point of view, and I'm sure you could easily sell them (probably right here) if you wished to do so.

To establish a realistic value, I would go to Reverb or Ebay and see what similar sets have actually sold for. In other words, check completed sales. If you look at asking prices, you may not get an accurate idea of the drums' true worth, because too many people are asking ridiculous amounts of money for old drums these days. It's that old, "Hey, they're old, so they must be worth a lot of money" routine. That's BS. We can help you here.

This is just my opinion, but I'd keep the drums and try learning. If nothing else, they belonged to your father. I have my father's old Vega tenor banjo and that's going nowhere. I can't play it, but I keep it for sentimental reasons.
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Old 11-19-2019, 11:43 AM
O-Lugs O-Lugs is offline
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

Hi, Jeff

Great looking kit. You really don't see too many kits which are that complete with hardware and cymbals anymore. That, and the "Duco" finish is in really nice shape and not all flaky like some can get. You even have the old drumheads! Sweet!

My take on pricing and valuation....I wouldn't use Ebay or Reverb as a gauge -unless you plan on selling on either of those formats. These days, most "kits" you see for sale on either of those sites, are altered in some way, or are put together from "rogue" drums, shells, parts.....So the pricing of vintage drums on those kinds of sites, is based upon sales of such drums.
But you have quite a departure from the norm. Your kit appears to be matched and original and in exemplary shapel!
IF you do decide to use Ebay or one of those sites, then price them to the moon for a few weeks and see if you get any bites. IF you get any interested parties (and not just some tire kickers wasting your time), then you can negotiate a serious price from there. As it stands, there really is no "norm" for pricing vintage items. It's really a matter of desirability of the item for sale and any interested parties who might be looking. You might have a really desirable drum set to someone who collects them....just a matter of finding "that" buyer. This type of selling takes more time, of course. A lot of people don't want to deal with that kind of extra time and effort, I guess.

That being said (my opinion only).....I'm with DrumBob on the idea to keep them in memory of your Dad.
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God

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Old 11-19-2019, 12:11 PM
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Default Re: The newbie and the 1950ís Slingerland Drum Set

First thing, get a rug under that base drum.
Cymbal stand in gallery 8(one with riveted cymbal) is Slingerland. Stand in gallery 7 with crash looks to be older but could be Ludwig stand of similar time period.
Red painted kick pedal is a Slingerland and I see you put the Slingerland foot bed on it but that could go to the hi hat.
High hat stand could be original but the pedal part was swapped out. The original high hat pedal could be the one you have in pic 2205.
Drum throne stand is Rocket style that also was new in 67, but seat is obviously not as name shows.
The piece that has the two adjustable small legs is for the base drum to lift it off the ground.
Angled Leg piece is also a base drum stand but should be 2 of those. They are shown on some Slingerlands in the 1959 catalogs. The 2 you have on the base, I can't find pics of them in the catalogs.
Straight bar could be cymbal stand that goes with the cymbal mount on the base drum.
Great looking kit.
You can find pics to help you in the links to Slingerland found here

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