Greetings! My first post...

I'm curious to know if anyone has information about Yamaha "Made in Taiwan" drums.

There is a Yamaha snare drum for sale at a local flea market. There is no model number on it, only a serial number: 008488. The badge indicates it was made in Taiwan. It measures 13" x 4" with 8 lugs and made of metal. I searched online for hours and learned that Yamaha made drums in Taiwan only briefly, 1980's I think. I finally found one exactly like it that had recently sold on for $80.00. The listing said it is a Yamaha Chrome Piccolo Snare Drum. There is no model number, just Piccolo Snare. The one I'm looking at is priced at $50.00 with gig bag. It has a good tone so I've decided to buy it tomorrow. I thought it might be a student model but perhaps it's a low-end, semi-pro snare.