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Vistalite orphans (20x14 and 14x14)


Looking for a couple of Vistalite drums to complete a project. Willing to buy but MORE willing to trade!

I’d like to find a 20x14 bass, color not important as long as it’s one color, transparent and not smoke. Also, would like to find a 14x14 floor tom. If this ends up being a Jellybean type, set, that’s ok. I have blue 12, 13 and a red snare, but any colors are fine. Thanks.


Posted on 3 years ago

Hi Julia!

Wow, those sizes are going to be really difficult to find! While they were offered, the vast majority of Vistalites sold consisted of 14x22 bass drums and 16x16 floor toms. Not that they don't exist, but just very rare!


Posted on 3 years ago

I have a 22” double bass set in smoke, but it’s too big and too loud for most of my gigs. Mostly, I’m using my ‘65 BOP downbeat kit. I really don’t like bringing that to every gig, so I thought the Vistalite jellybean kit would be fun. Maybe someone has a few odds and ends floating around!

Posted on 3 years ago
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