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Video Tour: 1969 Oyster Blue Pearl Ludwig


My 1969 Blue Oyster Pearl Ludwigs 20/13/16. Don't know if that makes it a super classic with small bass or a downbeat with big toms.

It's transitiony. 70's rail mount, 70's style wrap, keystone badges, clear interiors. A little less "Bowling Bally" than later ones to my eye.

My nicest kit, here's a soundtest/video tour (not a playing sample! :) ) I made of it one day shortly after I got it & cleaned it up:

[ame=""]1969 Blue Oyster Pearl Ludwigs - YouTube[/ame]

Posted on 10 years ago

They sound great! I use to have a kit in that same finish.

Posted on 10 years ago

Thanks Johnny.

I got them in a 3 snare trade & they were dusty but clean, just a couple wrap edges needed reglued

Posted on 10 years ago
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My favorite Ludwig wrap of all time.

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Posted on 10 years ago
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