Hi there! I'm the wife of a drummer in the north Tampa Florida area (Hillsboro, Pasco counties) who is looking to sell his set.

It's taking up an entire room, and he's not playing them often.

To tell the truth, I'd love for him to keep them, we could use the bucks.

But don't get me wrong! He won't part with them for anything lower than they're worth. We paid thousands for them! He is asking $675.

Hubby has put them up on Craigslist, and they are for local sale only.

If you live in Florida and are anywhere near Tampa, Orlando, or even up north near Wikki Wachee, you're close enough to come see them and play them before you make your decision. I've posted a picture, and there are more posted in his ad.

Please contact him through the Craigslist ad:


Please, as his ad suggests, no shipping, no sales other than local sales.

If you now someone down here who's shopping, please let them know! We can really use the help. Thanks!