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Slingerland vintage 1964 sparkle kit offer! -> need help


Also, looks as if one (or perhaps all) of the T-bolts on the floor tom leg brackets have been replaced with hardware store items. The color was silver sparkle but it has faded to what we over here call "ginger ale", which is not necessarily bad if the fade is even on all the drums, but the value is not as high as it would be if there wasn't any fade/discoloration. Slingerland didn't put badges on toms until around 1965. The lugs on the floor tom are indeed the wrong size, which is a bit of a mystery to me as to why someone would do that being that the smaller tom-size are more common, but who knows? Finally, I would pass on this since it's not quite what it's being advertised as.

Posted on 8 years ago

you're great, thanks to all! so i better should let it pass...with a little tear...

the seller wants about 600 euros, normally a 'take it!!' price but if it's not worth that...sad

Posted on 8 years ago

From littledrummerboy73

next one...

The Lugs on the small toms are not Slingerland !

Posted on 8 years ago
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