1966 Slingerland 16 x 16 red sparkle floor tom in very nice, clean original condition.

Found with original brass rims, working tone control, original tension rods and washers and original (not stripped) floor tom leg mounts.

I disassembled the drum and cleaned and polished the shell and parts.

3 ply maple interior shell dated April 1966. The inner ply has the typical for '60s Slingerland uneveness.

Chrome is near excellent condition with no pitting

The pre-badge shell has a few scratches, but overall the drum looks super clean and it would be a nice tom to build a set around. The drum didn't have floor tom legs, but I will include the three mismatched generic ones. (If I was keeping the drums, I'd probably source some new, longer, 9.5 mm ones.) Heads are used. More pics available.

$399 plus shipping. [email]rkalinsky@aol.com[/email]