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Ruby Red Strata Ludwig Standards 20/12/14


Hello all!

I have a set of Ruby Red Strata Standards in a 20/12/14 set up. The wrap is in very good condition and is tight. The bearing edges are also clean. All hardware is with the set (mufflers, tom rack etc).

I have pictures which I will be posting tonight when I'm home from work but I can email them to anyone between now and then if desired (my company's network is making this difficult grrrr).

I'm looking for a 22/13/16 set up. Preferrable US made but I'm willing to listen on all offers. I'd also be interested in trading for newer zildjian cymbals (A, A custom, K, K custom, K constantinople). Willing to sell as well if anyone is interested in that route.




Posted on 9 years ago

PM sent.................

Its better to have people think you're an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove them wrong, unless you doubt yourself then speak away....
Posted on 9 years ago

For some reason DFO allows me to attach pics but VDF won't...

Here's the link to the same set over there WITH pictures:

Posted on 9 years ago

I'm interested - pm sent!

Posted on 9 years ago

pm sent.

Cause you got the bug dont'cha?
Posted on 9 years ago
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