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Rogers Hardware: Spur and Tom Mount Diameter


I purchased a pair of spurs on the WWW. They definitely "looked" like Rogers but they didn't fit any of the 5 receivers I have on hand (three attached to drums and two I've purchased to try to find a fit. They are too wide of a diameter - just barely. I have also found an issue with the center "T" post for the tom mount. I bought one on the web and it fits a 24" blue strata and the 22" black strata (both Fullerton Power Tones) but not the 20" blue strata Fullerton Holiday - because of a diameter issue again - the receiver being slightly smaller on the 20". I have never seen a thread anywhere that talks about this and it makes me wonder if I'm just missing something again... Has anyone else run into this issue of spurs and/or tom mounts not fitting previous or later models before? The tom mount is for sure Rogers but the spurs could be from something else...? Maybe they aren't Rogers in the first place is what I am wondering. About the drums involved: They are all Fullerton tags. The tag on the 22" is initialed "H R" and has a much lower serial number (not that that really means anything with Rogers) and the tag looks older. The number is printed on the 22" but typed somehow (not with a typewriter) on the 24". I personally bought the 24" used in November of 1974 (I was 11 - Grandma bought it. The 20" Fullerton is a recent purchase and it came with die cast collets but you never really know where they came from - at least I don't. The 24" originally had die cast collets (which all failed eventually of course). Thanks for reading. All reactions help.

Posted on 1 year ago
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You mention serial number and signatures on the tags. What are the city designation?

Early Cleveland set did have a slightly different style of hardware. The very early required the hex rod to be installed in a position so the edges were between the splines, not aligned with the splits between the splines. Check out this video that explains it more easily.

Posted on 1 year ago

Sorry - got depressed about the whole situation. I'm also a little embarrassed to report that after actually getting everything out and trying it - the spurs fit NONE of the Rogers receivers I have. I guess I never did actually get it to fit anything because it's impossible today. None of my receivers are the older version either (wish they were!). They are all regular hex/compression fittings meant for the ridges to be in the corners. I don't own a micrometer but I'm positive that the spurs I purchased are a wider diameter and maybe not even for a Rogers kit. Not sure what they ARE but they don't fit any of the five sets of Rogers receivers I have on hand (20" Fullerton, 22" Cleveland, 24" Fullerton and two purchased online - both Fullerton judging by the "lower" Rogers stamp (closer to the post fitting). I'm sending pics of everything. Any info at all is helpful - but I'm about ready to throw them in the trash. I don't want someone else to ever have to deal with this... unless I can figure out what they DO work on. I did watch that video and that guy is great. Ive seen a few of them but hadn't seen that one yet. I was only able to post 5 pics I guess so I left out the other receivers I own but they are the same story. The spurs on the top are the suspect spurs. The ones off of the Fullerton 24" fit everything - they are on the bottom and are more oxidized and have thicker "posts" (the part that goes through the spur near the pointy ends). I know almost nothing about big R or 360 models. Could they be for one of those?

Posted on 1 year ago
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