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Rare Ludwig Identification


From nittanyperc

Well, here is a picture of a complete drum, made by the 20th Century Drum Company... most likely, the stickers inside were not original.

Thus the mystery is solved! Thanks for finding that...I thought the Ludwig sticker was sketchy...I wonder who would print out and paste false stickers like that on the inside of a different drum?! Obviously somebody clever and rude😂!

Posted on 5 years ago

Ahhh, mystery solved!

Just to bring it all together for future reference....


Availability: In Stock / Price: $450.00 This drum is made by 20th Century Drum Co. Circa early 1900s and has a 16" x 10" shell size. The drum features a 2 ply mahogany shell with a compass rose that was standard for the 20th Century Drum Co. There is also a nice scrolling pattern on the maple hoops that runs around the entire hoop on both top and bottom. The heads are caflskin and there are some cracks in the bottom head. The snare adjuster runs the length of the shell and is connected to both the top and bottom hoops so that it clears the top hoop for ease of use. There are ears on the drum that are "brake style" ears and feature a metal upper section that wraps around the leather but not all the way. This design leaves an opening on the back of the ears so that they can be slipped on and off of the ropes without taking the drum apart. There are some ears missing so please check photos for accuracy. This drum is in beautiful condition and is being sold as is. Contact us for information bout new heads and ear replacement.

Posted on 5 years ago

The 'inlays" on late 1920's Ludwig wood drums are decals, not inlays.......

Good to know.

Looking closer at those pics from the other thread it shows some aging/cracks and not too much "craftsmanship" where the inlays meet at the seam area.

Posted on 5 years ago
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