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Premier Insight?


Hello All-

I would greatly appreciate any insight you may be able to offer!

Background: I recently purchased my first vintage piece...a 1963 Premier 58' outfit (20, 12, 14) in black diamond wrap. It is a players kit with extra holes in the bass including the missing cymbal holder. I found a cymbal mount on ebay but am in search of the accompanying cymbal arm. I believe the mount holds a 5/8" rod just like the bass drum spurs.

Question: other than finding the actual vintage rod (one on ebay overseas but $42 for shipping) is there a modern day mount, stacker etc. that you could think of that might do the trick? Again, I believe it holds a 5/8" rod. Do you know of any US dealers that might have a vintage piece for sale?

Are you familiar with this piece?...would the straight arm portion of the mount fit?


I appreciate ANY insight you may be able to offer. Thank you for your time and insight!

Peace and a Groove


Posted on 10 years ago

I think I solved my own dilemma. Went to Home Depot and picked up a 16" long threaded rod (the needed 3/8" diameter), a couple lock washers and nuts all for under $4.00. Hopefully this will do the trick. Thanks!

Posted on 10 years ago
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Link did not work for me but sounds like you have a workable solution for now. I do the same thing.......I make my own parts until I can locate the correct ones down the road. This way I can at least use and play in the meantime. Post some pics when you can of your fix.


Not a guru just havin fun with some old dusty drums.
Posted on 10 years ago
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