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Pearl 1970s Wood Fiberglass


I'm trying to sell my father's Pearl kit which he purchased in 1976,which I rescued from my mum taking it to the dump.

From what I understand it's a Full Dimensions set up with concert toms in blue satin colour. It has all of it's original hardware (except the bass pedal).

It's definitely a restoration project, and needs a good home with someone willing to put the time in to restore it to its former glory. Its a very loud kit (which drove my mum mad :p ).

I'm really struggling to settle on a price, as I know next to nothing about drums. If anyone's got any idea what I should list these under, please let me know. I would really appreciate the help.

Posted on 6 years ago

Well sir,

Selling drums and pricing is not an exact science.

It depends on what the buyer is willing to pay and what you are willing to accept.

You will need to do some research on what similar kits are selling for.

Check ebay and craigslist to find comps.

You need to pick and post a price before posting in the for sale section on this Forum.

So you are a little early.

Good Luck Sir.

Thanks to Mr. Jerry Jenkins
Posted on 6 years ago

Can you get a pic of the Badges on the Toms?

And a pic of the insides of the Drum shells.

It looks like the 2 mounted toms mounted from the bass drum might be phenolic resin shells.

Thanks to Mr. Jerry Jenkins
Posted on 6 years ago

The good thing about your kit is that the hardware is original.. the smaller toms are wood and all the others are the phenolic shells.. great sound!!.floor tom would be wood fiberglass..or fiberglass shell only

don,t give it away too cheap. I scored a beauty red wood fiberglass kit in mint condition for $400nz..i would have paid $800 for it, but i was lucky.the guy just wanted it gone. they are getting rarer nowdays..and interest about these old pearls has seemed to grow, good luck! especially if you keep it :)

Posted on 6 years ago
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As was advised in your earlier posting.. The FT is also wood fibreglass same as the BD..

I'd advertise the kit for 450 quid... and sell for no less than 400 quid.... someone will want these...



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Posted on 6 years ago

Nice drums. Pearl has reissued the w/f. Sparked attention in the originals. John is correct. Best of luck on the sale!!


Nothing special here but I like them.
Posted on 6 years ago
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It`s a stencil kit of mine. I don`t think fibreglass sounds the same as nine ply beechwood.

It`s a drum,.....Hit It !!

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Posted on 6 years ago
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I'm sure a lot of Peter Criss fanatics would want a kit like your dad's !Yes Sir

Great drums, and your mum was right. Fiberglass shells are loud as hell !

400-450 sounds about right. Decent price, not outrageous, and fair to both

buyer and seller.. Btw, i love that finish..I even think Pearl still offers that

finish, but i think it may be in a lacquer..Good luck with the sale !



Posted on 6 years ago

i scored these wood fiberglass ones for $400.... has other toms with it but i like it set up like this..great sound and in mint condition

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Posted on 6 years ago
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