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Paul Leim snare drum, 6.5x14


Hello all, I am considering selling my Yamaha Paul Leim Signature snare drum.

It's a first generation drum (solid piece shell) in terrific shape.

Rarely played out-Not really sure of a price yet....any input would be appreciated. Is $600 out of line?

Apparently these were discontinued a few years ago.


Posted on 7 years ago

Is $600 out of line?


Posted on 7 years ago

Oh wow!

Not sure where to list it, if I decide to...eBay?

Maybe slightly more $?

Posted on 7 years ago

Is this drum still available

Posted on 7 years ago

They can fetch around $900. Mine recently sold for $850 but unfortunately I hadn't noticed my drum had developed a crack by one of the lugs which appears to be a common problem with Yamaha brass drums. Needless to say mine came back. Make sure to check your drum shell thoroughly for any cracks before selling it. 

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Posted on 2 weeks ago
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