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Old snare drum, can anyone tell me what it is?


Just a long shot here...

Take a really good look at the hoops...see if radio king is engraved on the outside of the could be faded...take it out in the sun and give it a good look...if ya have reading glasses....Put them on,,..lololo

Here's a pic to use as a reference

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Bop iT / Til U Drop iT.

1964 Cleveland,.18/14/12 in WMP
1966 Cleveland, 20/14/12 O'natural.
Fullerton,...20/16/13/12 Silver Glass

1957 B/R Super Classics In WMP

Wood & COB Powertones,
Wood & COB Dynasonics,
57 Jazz Festival

Zildjian avedis cymbals.
40s/60s era.
Posted on 10 years ago

There are a couple of things you can do to help put the drum into at least a category, i.e. American, British, continental etc. Get a hold of an s.a.e. and a metric thread gauge and find out what the t-rod thread is and perhaps a few other screws on the drum. Any machinist should be able to do it for you. If it doesn't turn out to be either , then it is likely one of the numerous British threads. Hardly anyone outside of Britain would have gauges for those. Also measure the t-rod heads and see if they are metric or inch.

Try to get a species identification on the wood( if you posted me very sharp closeup pictures , I can tell you) but it looks birchish to me , at this point. Although , imported hardwoods, such as Honduran and African Mahogany and Teak have been used for drums of this vintage most of the lighter wood shells were made from domestic woods or woods that were very close at hand( Scandinavian birch for instance), so the wood can give a big hint.

It is a commonly held belief that German drums and European drums in general have slot head t-rods and American and American style rippoff drums have square heads but this has only been the rule since about 1950 and this drum likely pre-dates that. Prior to 1950 and as you go further back, there was an increasing use of large square heads, historically, on German drums.

Posted on 10 years ago

are those longitudinal striations on the inside of the shell, continuous , all the way around, as though they were made in a rolling machine, which kind of nibbled the shell into a circular shape in small flat sections?

Posted on 10 years ago

For some reason, this drum says 'Germany' to me.


Posted on 10 years ago

It could also be a French drum ...Check mine:

It is a beauty of drum no matter what.
Cause you got the bug dont'cha?
Posted on 10 years ago

Make sure you post better pics of the inside of the shell. Do the wood looks soft or hard?....The shell of my Deslaurier feels like very soft wood type. Anyway: Congrats on your find!!!
Cause you got the bug dont'cha?
Posted on 10 years ago

Looks German to me too.

Closely resembles the LEFIMA Original snare in this local add:

Grtz. Wouter

Posted on 10 years ago


It's 99 % Lefima. I have similar one with badge. Later I will sent some photos.

Posted on 4 years ago
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