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Old snare drum, can anyone tell me what it is?


Hello VDF, my first post.

Getting right into it - I got this drum from a friend who plays in a symphony orchestra. He said that the section was going to get rid of it and asked me if I wanted it, and of course not knowing anything about vintage/whether it was good or not, I said yes. Anyways, here I am, a year later, with this drum sitting in my basement, and I decided to finally do something about it.

I have some pictures posted here of the drum. The outside finish and the metal hardware seems to be all in good shape, however on the inside the wood has a noticeable amount of cracks/parting. It it a little hard to see, but there are 2 reinforcement rings inside the drum - however I don't know the material of the drum or the rings.

The only part that seems to be missing is a claw that holds the rim on one of the bottom head lugs (you can see them in the pictures). I'd like to find the part sooner rather than later as I need it to tune the whole drum up.

The throw off is older style, with holes for each individual snare to feed through, probably designed for cat gut snares. I looked around and people seem to just be using regular wires with 2 strings attached and fed through the outermost of those holes.

There is only one written word on the drum: a signature on the inside that seems to spell "Leedy", although I'm not 100% sure. I've posted a picture of that as well so you guys can verify/contradict that.

So, my questions remain:

What is the company, model, and make year of this drum?

What is the drum made out of?

Would it sound good as a snare for jazz playing? Rock? Orchestral? How much of a beating can it take?

What type of snares, heads, claw, etc. should I buy to get the drum up and running?

Any help/info is appreciated - I am a total novice when it comes to this stuff.








Posted on 10 years ago

Damn....that's a very nice snare...

Very valuable ...

The Leedy guys will start adding in soon...

My guess is early 50s...but hey, I'm out of my element here..

Some of the other guys ...will have the needed parts and info you require..

Unless yr looking to sell...?

I'm at [email][/email] if yr looking to sell quickly..


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Posted on 10 years ago

Welcome to the VDF forums benjiring.That blue marine/ice blue pearl wrap looks to be in great condition and the small ring splits should be easy to repair.I`m also not a Leedy expert but i think you`ve got a late 40`s snare and most likely someone here will have that claw you are looking for.I wouldn`t suggest heavy rock beating on her because of the age but jazz or light rock would be perfect.As Kelly has said...the guys who really know will chime in soon.


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Posted on 10 years ago

First off, welcome to the forum. While I see how the other folks thought that this may be a Leedy drum due to the look of the strainer, I think that this is a British drum from the 1930s. The Leedy 4-hole strainer was similar, but not the same. Also, the lugs and rim clips don't look like anything from any of the older American drum manufacturers. Wish that I knew more.


Posted on 10 years ago

This is not a Leedy, European made it is what it looks to me.

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Posted on 10 years ago
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I'm unsure as to the age. make, and model (although it is certainly a vintage drum from no later than the 1950's and probably older than that). I would suggest that, due to the finish on it, it would have some value to collectors of such things, more so than as a utilitarian drum to play or gig with. I'd suggest selling it (once an idea of the value has been established) and then taking the proceeds of that sale to buy a more modern drum of your choice to actually play.

Posted on 10 years ago

The only thing I can tell you about that drum is that it is very cool.

The hardware is unique.

Love those lugs. :cool:
Posted on 10 years ago
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From vintagemore2000

This is not a Leedy, European made it is what it looks to me.

I believe it is European also.

Posted on 10 years ago

Send pics to Steve maxwell .. He helped me with with drum research in the past .. All his info is on his website .

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Posted on 10 years ago

Definitely NOT American. German, maybe? It would be a very cool drum if cleaned up a bit.

Posted on 10 years ago
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