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Help to identify a 18" vintage Bass Drum. Premier, Beverley?


Hi, colleagues, please, I need your clear knowledge to identify a 18” bass drum, probably Premier or Beverley, 60s or 70s. I found it very cheap but It was not very well treated so I don´t know if it is worth to invest on it and try to restore it for me to play. If not I could sell it for spare parts.

1. Drum Shell Material -- Wood

2. Drum Finish -- Natural

3. Drum Badge -- Missing

3. Drum Dimensions -- Depth x Width (Bass Drum 14" x 18”)

4. Interior Finish -- Natural with re-rings

5. Hardware Configuration -- 8 Premier type L into lugs Beverley style, Premier #6158-22 lug. Hole spacing is about 29mm

I have read that these lugs were used in different series along the years.

Beverley bass drums End of 60s Early 70s

Premier 6000 Powerhouse bass drums 1975 -1977

Premier Projector bass drums and toms. Early 80s, after Soundwave.

7. Any defects, extra holes, finish problems, etc.

I found it without mounting plate for toms but came with the holes for the piece. Like a miracle, I have found an unbranded second hand piece that fits perfectly in the screws and tom arms holes.

Four Beverley lugs of total 16 are missing.

Bass drums legs are square, not round.

Original Heads. Broken. One white EverPlay Gold Logo on the resonator side and one Apollo on the batter side.

It has some cracks in some of the hardware lugs. They are superficial and only affecting to the outside ply.

Bearing edges are not in the best condition in some parts.

I attach some pics trying to clarify. I have more if you need.

Thanks for your help!

Have a nice day!

Posted on 6 years ago

I wish, I could help you but I'm not familiar with that make... can someone help him out.

~ A true Gretsch & Camco fanatic ~
Posted on 6 years ago

Thanks for your feedback!

Keep on trying!

If I am right, these lugs were mounted in:

Beverley bass drums. End of 60s Early 70s

Premier 6000 Powerhouse bass drums. 1975 -1977

Premier Projector bass drums and toms. Early 80s, after Soundwave

This seems to be a 14x18 bass drum, could be 15x18. Any of you have known something similar in these brands/series to be able to identify it?

Any help appreciated!

Posted on 6 years ago

Help!!! Please!!!

Mind Blowi

Posted on 6 years ago

Hi, any idea about the 18 bass drum or any suggestion to move the thread in the forum to get more feedback?


Posted on 6 years ago
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