I'm looking for a 1960s Gretsch round badge 16" floor tom and also a 20" bass drum in white satin flame. Anyone got either one for sale or know of anyone with either for sale?

I'm also after a number of Gretsch parts from the same era for my existing set:

Wing screw from bass drum spur mount

Jimmy Pratt bass drum damper

Diamond bracket for cymbal arm on bass drum

Rail consolette top section only and spade

Tom mounting plate felt (only need the grey felt) and backing plate (fits inside tom)

I have a number of Gretsch parts I can swap for the pieces I need.

Parts I have:

Gretsch round badge from snare drum

Gretsch stop sign badge

Gretsch Internal damper

Gretsch bass drum lugs

Set of Gretsch round badge snare drum lugs

Ludwig & Ludwig oval badge

Ajax oval badges x 2