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Finished! Round Badge Gretsch Double Bass Satin Flame Kit


From gSonor

Hi, what size are those hoops? I might be able to help out on some inlays.Gary

They're 20's. I'd be grateful!

60's Gretsch Progressive Jazz Green Sparkle
'61 Slingerland Bop Kit Sea Green Rewrap
Round Badge Bop Kit Clone Red Sparkle
'67 Pearl President 13/16/22 Red Oyster Pearl
Posted on 9 years ago

From infiniteninjas

I can make a single rail mount work no problem (though I'd want a longer spade). It's trying to get both rack toms into a position that makes sense with two opposing rails on separate kick drums that has proved impossible.

Got it! :)

Truth be told I had gotten in from a gig last night and was just a little bit rye-and-gingered...heh.


Posted on 9 years ago
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