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Duplex Drum Kit for Sale - Get that vintage sound!


Price DROP! $800 cash takes 'em! Remember no hardware. For details, see below...!

Want THAT vintage Radio King sound? Don't want to PAY for that vintage sound? Then this is the kit for you. This my recently rescued and restored RARE Duplex 1930's era drum kit that I'm parting with. Here are the specs:

14x26 Kick - Single tension, with original light kit (all rewired) w/new Danmar spurs

9x13 Tom

12x14 Tom

5x14 - "Artist" COB model snare drum with original "snappy snares" A Duplex Invention!

I've tried to keep this kit as original as possible. With the following exceptions. Rear (batter) hoop on kick drum is modern and is a good's not exact. Inlay is original to the kit on that hoop. New hoop clips on toms (didn't have any when I found them). New Aquarian American Vintage heads all around. "Modern" hoops on the Artist snare drum (the originals will be included but they were made of cast aluminum and the bottom hoop is cracked. I think it's repairable, but needs someone who can weld aluminum, I will also include the original calf heads (snare head ripped but could be re-tucked if desired)). The 9x13 is missing the wool on the internal muffler (which I don't use anyway) but otherwise it's intact and totally intact on the 14.

The White Marine Pearl looks very nice. There ARE places of discoloration which is typical of an almost 80 year old kit, but as you can see by the pics, this is a sweet looking kit! All the seams are nice and tight and the wrap is intact and in GREAT shape. It shines beautifully! I have TONS of pictures available in you need more information.

All the lugs are solid. NO cracks or weak spots. They look sorta similar to a plain Gretsch Broadcaster lug. COB inserts and all the springs are strong and intact.

It's a very solid kit. It's very giggable! And it sounds....amazing! Warm, round, resonant. The kick drum is slightly out of round, but tunes and stays in tune and sound's great! You also can't tell unless you're looking for it up close. This is typical of drums of this age. When I found it, the metal tension rods were very rusty, which I've cleaned and polished. There is some pitting, but it's not really that noticeable. They tension rods are original AND solid. I have lost of before/after pics.

The shells are 3 ply (mahogany, poplar, mahogany), with maple re-rings. They all have the 2 1/4 inch rerings a la Radio King which brings me to my point about these being "like" radio king. I've asked several experts about this and they all say the same. Duplex either used Slingerland Radio King shells and put their own hardware on it OR they copied Slingerland's design. Man, they look exactly like RK's from the era! They sound exactly like RK's from the era. The WMP is the same pattern as Slingerland used in that era. The only difference is the internal tone control and the badge.

Neither tom has a vent or badge (typical of drums of this era) and neither have their tom mounts. Originally they were both drilled for Radio King hoop mounts. These come up on ebay all the time if you'd like to go back to that mounting system.

There is NO hardware included in the sale. The floor tom basket is NOT included will need a mounting system for the 14.

Like I said, I have TON'S of pics I took during the restoration, so please ask any questions, share any concerns, anything. I want the buyer to be pleased with the drums and enjoy playing great sound vintage drums! They are really cool...sound great...and have a great vibe to them!

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Posted on 9 years ago

This is quite the deal!

12/14/20 Mahogany INDe Bop Cocktail Hybrid

Late 50s Black Nitron 3 Ply Gretsch 13/16/20 w/ Max Roach Snare
Posted on 9 years ago

Thanks's a beauty...I hope they find a good home that will take 'em out and play them!

Posted on 9 years ago

BUMP - NEW LOWER PRICE! Check it out!

Posted on 9 years ago
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