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Concert toms! Sonor toms!



I am looking for some concert toms in sizes in 8-10...

Pearl or Sonor or Tama.....

also Sonor acryl toms in white in small sizes...

Thank you!

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Posted on 8 years ago

Still looking?

I have some Tama concert toms left:

set of 6 and 8 inch attached to each other and a 14 incher and a 15 incher.

Posted on 7 years ago

What color / series are the 6 & 8 you have?

18 Kits & 40+ snares..
Not a Guru, just addicted to drums

- Jay
Posted on 7 years ago

I guess they are the 8502 model Concert stick bongo's that are found in the mid / late 70s catalogs. Color will be metallic white, I guess.

Attached a pic from the catalog. Will provide a reallife pic soon.

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Posted on 7 years ago

Here are the pics.

As can be seen the toms are not flawless (wrap damage, dirty heads). But are still 100% functional, playable, nice.

If interested they can go cheap at 25 euro excluding shipping costs (world wide shipping).

Regards, Wouter

Posted on 7 years ago
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