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B/O round badge Acrolite tension rods?


So I picked up a round corner B/O Acrolite recently for a good price. Totally playable, but had a couple replacement parts or things that weren’t quite right (junk snare wires, black Ludwig label peeled off the 2-hole P-85…and some tension rods I’ve never seen before). I put some Ludwig wires on, put on another 2-hole P-85 in better shape…and I THINK last thing to do to “make it right” is replace these tension rods. But first…can anyone help me identify these rods? Features I haven’t seen in an acro rods before are the indentation on top and the tapered tip…plus the thread go up a little higher than I’m used to. I’m no expert, welcome advice. Are these Ludwig tension rods? For an acrolite? Different brand? Bottom line, I don’t like them, so I’m planning to swap them out. But would like to know what they are. Thank you for your time.

Posted on 2 years ago
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I can't be of any help here, but I know I have seen those rods before!

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Looking for a Camco Aristocrat SD in Blue Moire!!
Posted on 2 years ago

Those are the rods they used on some of the Rockers series of drums. I have some that came on an acrolite but they weren't original. I'm pretty sure they were less expensive imported rods that they sourced to save money on the Rockers. They work fine but are pretty ugly. They work but dust and dirt congregate in the divot on the top of the rod and can get pretty nasty.

Posted on 2 years ago

From thin shell

Those are the rods they used on some of the Rockers series of drums.

I thought those tension rods looked familiar! I looked back at pictures I had of my late 80's Rocker II drum set. I cropped the picture of the floor tom. If you look carefully, you can see that "divot" on the tension rod towards the left.

I get my replacement tension rods from Drum Factory Direct.


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Posted on 2 years ago

Thanks for the forensics, had no idea these were actually Ludwig tension rods!

Posted on 2 years ago
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