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As you check into the "new" old forum


"Gallery" seems to be "useless.. There 's No Pictures :)Communitythen Calendarthen in 4th place 'New Posts'

I have discussed this in other threads, but will update you here. The gallery that was with the old forum was outdated and had limited functionality. Not to mention from a managerial standpoint horrible. They did a quick move here as a resting point until I can secure the funds to make the final move to an upgraded gallery section. The gallery is made up of over 125K images and will require a lot of work to improve it and make it the way I want it. I have the quote and the project is waiting for an approval from me.

Posted on 1 year ago

Due to others asking a similar question, it has been added to the "Quick Links" navigation near the top "My Threads" and "My Posts"

Where's a "Your Posts" button

Posted on 1 year ago
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I'm glad to see the new forum changes.

No matter how far you push the envelope, it is still stationery.
Posted on 1 year ago

The mobile version is going through similar upgrades to the desktop version. You should be seeing all of the Quick Links updates there as well. As far as I can tell, most everything has been fixed except the log-in issue and having to re-input your username and password. That one may not be fixable at the moment.

Posted on 1 year ago

Where do we look for Notifications?

'23 DW Collector's, Black Galaxy: 13/16/18/22/14 sn.
'01 DW Collector's, Oyster White: 8/10/12/14/16/22.
'23 PDP Concept Maple, Seafoam: 10,12,14,20.
'72 Slingerland Red Tiger Pearl: 12/13/16/16/22.
'69 Rogers Holiday, Red Onyx: 12/13/16/24
'67 Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle: 12/13/16/22.
'70-ish Ludwig Std, Burgundy Oyster: 13/16/22.
'69-ish MIJ Drum Mate: Peacock Pearl: 13/16/22.
Too many snares to list!
Posted on 1 year ago

If you have a DM, there will be a flashing bell in the top right, otherwise click on your name in the top right corner. That is where you manage your account.

Posted on 1 year ago
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