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Anyone interested in Pearl BLX lugs and RIMS mounts?


Items I have for sale:

1. 6x Pearl BLX 13x11" tom lugs, no stripped screws, no rust, some scratches, but its inevitable.

2. 8x Pearl BLX 16x16" floor tom lugs - see above.

3. 10x Pearl BLX 22x16" bass drum lugs - two of them have stripped screws (one per lug), if someone buys all 10 then I'd add these 2 for free, they can be repaired.

4. Pearl BLX bass drum tom holder mount (don't know the name, english is not my main language), good condition.

5. 16x Pearl BLX bass drum tuning rods - the ones that dont require a key to tune. I don't sell claw hooks, just tuning rods.

6. Gauger Percussion RIMS isolated tom mounts. Good condition, some little scratches, but nothing major. I have two of them - for 12" and 13" toms.

Every Pearl part is original, for this moment everything is still on my drumset, but I'm taking it apart tommorow. Better pics of every part - private message me.

Private message me with offers as I don't really know the prices for this stuff.

Imgur album with photos:

Posted on 8 years ago


Still for sale?

Posted on 7 years ago
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