I have 4 Zickos singles to sell, all rare sizes and from the same set. Sadly, UPS cracked the bass drum.

8x12 - $200, 9x13 - $225, 16x16 - $250 , 5x14 snare - $300.

They are the mid 70s clear acrylics with Zickos tube tom mounts, Camco FT legs and BD spurs. Condition is very good to excellent and all original. There is some mild spider webbing coming on, but almost no scratches, great chrome. Includes original Evans Blue-X Rock heads with Zickos logos. Snare includes original reso head (torn out) and Ludwig wires (warped clear plastic ended).

I have BD parts too, or the 14x22 could be had whole with reglued crack. Looks awful though. Original logo front head, Camco spurs etc.

While I had to replace them to get the drum up and running, the snare does come with the original Ludwig wires (twisted, plastic-ended) and the original (torn out) reso head.

Am hoping we have some Zickos fans here that know how rare these sizes are in this brand.flower