I saw this 1970's Premier Elite set on eBay with 5 days remaining today. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Premier-Elite-Early-70s-vintage-drumkit-/132411576441?

Someone is going to get a great looking and sounding kit I think.

These 'elite' series drums were made in England from Finnish Birch and the polychromatic wrap looked outstanding.

Blondie's drummer, Clem Burke, had an Elite set in this polychromatic finish a few years later.

Part Number #

(#433) 13x9 tom

(#???) 14x10 tom

(#446) 16x16 floor tom

(#132) 22x14 bass drum

Note: It has the original 'slot' tension rods, which later became the standard square rods of today.

Please note Olivejunkie has no business interest in this sale!