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Default MIJ cymbal stand, MIJ lugs, CB700 lugs
Have a MIJ, likely '60s flat base cymbal stand. Good condition with new rubber feet, $25 plus shipping.
Set of 16 MIJ floor tom lugs (Star or Hoshino???). Good condition, haven't cleaned them, some paint residue on the backs as they were taken from a painted shell. Threaded inserts and mounting screws are included. $20 for all plus shipping.
Set of 8 CB700 "wristwatch" bass drum lugs. Guessing they work on toms too. 4 are missing the the brushed aluminum discs. Inserts and mounting screws included. $12 for all plus shipping.
Having trouble loading pics. Please email me or check reverb and ebay as these items are listed there as well.
PLEASE don't reply here... please EMAIL rkalinsky@aol.com

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