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Default 18 or 20 Bass Drum or Floor Tom
Looking for an 18" or 20" bass drum or floor tom I can use as a bass drum. Doesn't need to be anything special other than the shell being in good shape. This would be something you have lying around that you haven't touched for a while and you're happy to get rid of it dirt cheap just so you don't have to look at it any more. (Emphasis on "dirt cheap", as in way under $200.)
Missing hardware or legs is ok, crappy finish is fine, scuffs welcome.
Prefer it to be pre-1979. No MIJ. Euro brands would probably be ok. I just need something that sounds great that I can get a good jazz sound out of.
Let me know what you got. Post a pic. Post your rock bottom, it hurts but you're a nice guy/gal, price.
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Default Re: 18 or 20 Bass Drum or Floor Tom
I have a 20" Slingerland bass drum shell. Chocolate interior. It has 5 or 6 extra holes. Has all 16 lugs. No other hardware or hoops. Someone painted it silver. Looks like there is Topaz wrap under the paint. If your interested please email me at sterken1@charter.net and I'll send you some pics. Thanks, Jerry.

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