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Default Odd MIJ Shell Mounted Cymbal Holder

I apologize if this has been covered before, but I couldn't seem to find it using the search function.

Anyone know what kind of arm went into this holder? The drums have no badges and have natural interiors with re-rings. The sizes are 13" and 22" (no floor tom or snare). The bass drum has an additional re-ring down the diameter of the center. What kind of arm does this hold? Is it a thick, flat piece of metal, similar to a "slide track" tom holder (like on some DW and Taye kits)?

Anyone know the manufacturer? The tom holder is a "Pearl style" arm (appears to be 3/4" tubing) and the wing screws for the tom holder on both the bass drum and the rack tom are the Premier style "hockey stick blades". Slingerland copy lugs.

Anyone have one for sale?


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Default Re: Odd MIJ Shell Mounted Cymbal Holder
Hello V the bass drum you have is built by Hoshino Kougyou and is of an earlier build. The cymbal arm is "L" shaped but the lower part of the L that goes into that lever and bracket is a lot longer than a Star or Pearl style L arm. If I recall, there is either no diamond knurling on this section or very little. I think I have one kit with the entire arm in my bunch. It is sometimes a tough item to locate. Love that bass do you have the snare and toms as well ? ...Kenwood
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Default Re: Odd MIJ Shell Mounted Cymbal Holder
Thanks for the reply Kenwood!

That picture of yours is exactly the kit I have! Same tom holder as well. It looks like the "Pearl Style" tom holder is 3/4" on one side (that goes in the bass drum) and possibly 5/8" or 1/2" on the other side (that goes into the tom). It originally was only the bass drum (22) and rack tom (13). I found a "Regency" branded snare on Reverb for $40 and the lugs and wrap are an exact match. Need to find a 16" floor tom. I believe Precision sells that exact wrap called "Antique White Pearl". I took a lug off the top of the bass drum and it looked virtually the same as the shell, so the wrap was purposely made to look old and yellowed. I also noticed the shells seem to be painted white underneath the wrap. These shells are very well made with good re-rings. The bass drum has a third re-ring down the middle of the drum.

Do you happen to have a matching 16". Does anyone?

Thanks for the response!


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