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Default Pioneers
I think so many of theses have been neglected over the years I’m thinking there the next collectible
I found two in nickle very reasonably priced one with a case lined and original heads
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April 2nd 1969 scarfed pink champagne holly wood and 65/66 downbeat snare, and , supra same year very minty kit old pies
66/67 downbeat with canister
Super 400 small round knob
1967 super classic obp

once the brass ceases to glitter, and the drum looses its luster, and the stage remains dark, all you have left is the timbre of family.
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Default Re: Pioneers
One of my favorites. Picked this one up at the Hollywood Drum Show years ago. been a constant on my stand ever since! Oh, and I like the early brass version too!
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Default Re: Pioneers
My favorite snare drum is a 1964 gold sparkle Pioneer with NOB rims and the original heads (never been off the drum).

I've tried to master posting pics of my drums....but something always goes wrong. But if you could see it...she's a beauty!
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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Default Re: Pioneers
The best way I have figured out how to post photos on VDF:

1. Take photo in landscape mode (phone sideways). This usually eliminates issues of your photo magically flipping upside-down when you post it.

2. Email the photo to yourself. IPhones will prompt you to select the size of the photo before it will send it. Choose a size that is measured in Kb instead of Mb. (Sorry, don’t know if non-iPhones have this feature).

3. Open the photo in your email and save it to your photos. Then use that photo to post on VDF.

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Default Re: Pioneers
Regarding Pioneers vs. Jazz Festivals.................

Is the only difference between the two simply the number of lugs? Are the shells, lugs, strainer etc. all the same on both?
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Default Re: Pioneers
yep...exactly the same.
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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Default Re: Pioneers
I love the sound of Pioneers - especially the 6.5 depths. Mine are either Transition Badge or WFL's.
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