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Default WTB: Jazzette, Downbeat, Rogers, 18”, 14” floor tom
I’m looking to get a second jazzette or downbeat for gigs and session work.
I already have one in blue sparkle (and still looking for a 14”FT in
Blue sparkle to match it).
Id consider any color of Jazzette or Downbeat kits except for
Silver/red/blue sparkle.
Did Rogers make an 18” bass drum? If so, I’d be interested in a
Rogers bop kit as well.
Thanks in advance!
Wanted: 14" Ludwig B/O Badge FloorTom in Blue Sprkl

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Default Re: WTB: Jazzette, Downbeat, Rogers 18BD?
Sent you a PM, Thanks Round Badge

18” bass drum , downbeat , jazzette , ludwig , rogers

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