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Default Should I polish 1950s 15" hi hats?
I have some A zildjian hihats from the 1950s as far as I can tell from the stamp. They sound like a good match but a bit clangy for my taste. Can you please have a listen and look at the pics and tell me whether you think it's worth polishing them with Zildjian cymbal polish (no logos harmed in this process) or this is the sound of 1950s cymbals and might be of interest to someone else. Perhaps they will sound better in a recording or other situation.

15" High Hat Top 956 gms 15" High Hat Heavy Bottom 1258 gms
Well matched pair of cymbals. Slight keyholing on the top cymbal, no cracks etc. See the hi hats at

[ame=""]50sHiHats - YouTube[/ame]

Only a home camera with inbuilt mic so sorry for the poor quality but it will give you some general idea.

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15" , 1950s , hihats , zildjian

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