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Old 10-13-2014, 03:19 PM
tim17my tim17my is offline
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Default Zildjian - need to identify

Can anyone tell me what era this is, and what the going price would be?

Kind of looks like the 1920's stamp, but I could be wrong...

16" Zildjian
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Old 10-13-2014, 09:02 PM
RIMS n SKINS RIMS n SKINS is offline
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Default Re: Zildjian - need to identify

That is a Trans stamp design...@ late 40s to early 50s...
As a 16".. Crash CYM....I bet it sounds great...

As for price...
If no cracks,key holing...@$100/$150...But that is based on sound and weight...
If it's close to 1000grams....the value is higher.....If 1200grams...then $100 is the selling price...
You can ASK what ya want...but usually these the close SELLING amounts..
All the best..
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40s/60s era.

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Old 10-14-2014, 12:11 AM
zenstat zenstat is offline
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Default Re: Zildjian - need to identify

I'm seeing more of a 1940s pre trans stamp (aka Second Stamp although that isn't a Drumaholic approved term)

Three key diagnostic features I see are:

Three dots . . . rather than .. _ _ at the bottom of the Ottoman portion, although I only see two in your picture. A bigger picture (with better resolution) would show it. You can check on yours. This distinguishes the pre trans stamps from the trans stamps.

The ZILDJiAN with the short i. Note it doesn't have a dot on top. It's just what I've got on my keyboard. This distinguishes the Second Stamp from the First Stamp.

The second stamp specific very pointy diamond as shown here:

and mentioned in the text on my site. In the Trans stamps that very pointy diamond shape is more of a smooth oval.

Note that if you are getting your ideas of pre Trans stamps from robscott or hidehitters they are well out of date and mix together different eras which Drumaholic has shown are different.

If you need an annotated pic to see these key features better let me know. I haven't done one, but I could knock one up for you and then improve my website by using that one. I'm always trying to improve my documentation.

Rims_n_Skins prices agree with the few I've got in my database. I've recorded weights over a bit larger range (721g to 1680g) and prices also are over a bigger range. But basically for the example weights he suggested his example prices are consistent with my data. However, I don't actually have much data collected yet. Sample size of 7 for 16" mid 1950s and earlier Avedis Zildjian.

Hope this helps.
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Old 10-14-2014, 12:34 AM
mlayton mlayton is offline
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Default Re: Zildjian - need to identify

the short i was the first thing that caught my eye. i'd say pre trans stamp as well.

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