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Default ludwig concert drum set value
Looking to sell a vintage ludwig concert drum set and I need an approximate price. It has a 22" kick and 13, 14, 15, 16 inch toms as well as an 18" floor tom. I looked on ebay, and could not find anything similar. Can anyone give me some guidance?
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Default Re: ludwig concert drum set value
Can you put up a picture ?>

That is what we need, without a pic, nobody will even guess.

Take a few good pics. in good light, some up close, and you will get what you want.
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Well with the limited information provided like... finish, condition, vintage?? It is kind of silly to go tossing numbers around... that said, if it is your average everyday set of drums with no matching snare and not additional hardware... kick it off at $800 and see what happens.
Not a Guru... just interested..

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