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Default Help! Cleaned vintage Ludwig white cortex wrap and now it looks different
I was doing some maintenance on my 1977 Ludwig kit with white cortex wrap, and all I did was wipe the wrap with an only very slightly damp paper towel and now the wrap has sort of a cloudy look to it, almost like the texture of paper when you hold it up to a light. Before it looked like solid white plastic. luckily I stopped when I noticed, but the same thing happened with both lightly soapy water and just plain water. I don't know what I did wrong, I watched multiple videos on cleaning drums and that's what they recommended. Is it somehow stained or did the water seep into the plastic somehow? I am really confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Default Re: Help! Cleaned vintage Ludwig white cortex wrap and now it looks different
Please post some detailed pictures so that we can take a look at exactly what you are trying to describe.
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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Cool Re: Help! Cleaned vintage Ludwig white cortex wrap and now it looks different
As O-Lugs mentioned, please post pics...It`s hard to believe that ordinary soap and water would do that to the wrap...

1976 Ludwig Mach 4 Thermogloss 26-18-14-14sn
1978 Ludwig Stainless 22-22-18-16-14-13-12 c/w 6-8-10-12-13-14-15-16-18-20-22-24 concert toms
1975 Sonor Phonic Centennials Metallic Pewter 22-16-13-12-14sn (D506)
1971 Ludwig Classic Bowling Ball OBP 22-16-14-13
1960's Stewart Peacock Pearl 20-16-12-14sn
1980`s Ludwig Coliseum Piano Black 8x14 snare
1973 Rogers Superten 5x14 & 6.5x14 COS snares
1970`s John Grey Capri Aquamarine Sparkle 5x14 snare
1941 Ludwig & Ludwig Super 8x14 snare

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