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Default Restoring/Cleaning of a '79/'83 Tama Imperialstar
So I've realised my kit is in some need to be cleaned off and fixed up, since the last owner wasn't a very kind and gentle one... I've gathered all I need, so to document, receive tips and feedback, and of course, bring the interested along the way, I'd decided to make this thread aswell!

What I'm going to do today is to clean of the snare, including all rods and bolts, aswell as fix the snares (the spiraled metal strings under the snare, think it's just called snares ), as it won't go up properly with only the 'lever' (?) but only makes contacts when you pull the 'boxes' that holds the snares in place as the old Imperialstar steel snares had.

This is two images of the snare:

Quite 'dotty' and unclean

Dust stuck inside the snare, and unclean as hell around the bottom rim. (Bottom drum head hasn't been replaced in years by previous owner, I could only afford a top head :P )

I'll start with a 50/50 vinegar/water to clean of and some ultra fine steel wool to remove the dots and other stuff, aswell as apply chrome polish to make it shine like new!


As this is my first project ever restoring and cleaning drums, warn me if I'm about to ruin my kit beforehand, as I might have got wrong info somewhere...

I'll end with two questions.

Firstly, the metal stick that goes through the snare and is used to pull up the snares has gone bust on one side. It's attached to a white (now dark beige...), plastic thing that used to hold it in place centered, but it's let go. Any idea of what glue or sticky stuff I'll use to re-attach it? The situation looks such as:

Secondly, on the 14" tom some of the wrap has released from the edge of the wrap, someone got a good idea on how to reapply it without rewrapping it? Would like to keep the kit as original as possible. Looks like this:

Thanks in advance and hope you enjoy the thread! Will be eager to get some answers and I'll update every progress!

Rock on!
/ Chris Blake
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Default Re: Restoring/Cleaning of a '79/'83 Tama Imperialstar
Quick update on the past hours!

Everything on the snare is now disassembled, and I've begun removing rust and other dust. A lot of dust and other crap fell out just while removing the skins, which tells me that it hasn't had a great maintenance during it's lifetime... The vinegar helped a lot to both clean off and easing the rust, but some rust didn't wanna go off completely, so I'll try with a bit rougher steel wool tomorrow. The tension rods, screws and tension casings were in better condition than I thought, so I'll just polish them. The protective rings between the rods and the casings were in worse condition, so I'll leave that in vinegar overnight.

Some pictures of the progress:

The work"bench"

Some of the now smaller rust stains that aren't completely gone. Revealed a long scratch from previous owners, but it's still been around for 33 years

The protection rings in vinegar

Goodnight folks, hopefully more updates tomorrow!
/ Chris Blake

And a P.S. Yes, I indeed do fix up the snare in my bathroom :P It's the only room I have available for it as I'll soon be moving!

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Default Re: Restoring/Cleaning of a '79/'83 Tama Imperialstar
NOooooo! Please don't use wire wool on this lovely snare! Try silver foil; scrunch it into a ball and wet it; then rub it over the affected areas - it usually works wonders and because it's softer than the chrome plating it doesn't scratch the drum at all. You'll see the wet drips turn black as you rub. It's a fantastic cleaning technique. Hope I'm not too late... Doug
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Default Re: Restoring/Cleaning of a '79/'83 Tama Imperialstar
Ugh... For some reason I often see cool old Tama snares suffer the steel wool fate. Those rust spots will come off easily with just some metal polish and a cotton cloth. I use a brand called Mr. Metal. Works on anything that you're patient enough to use it on (chrome snare drums, stands, lugs, etc.)

Steel wool works, but WILL leave tiny scratches in the chrome. Not a convenient thing to hear, I know.

Cool drum, anyhow.

cleaning , imperialstar , restoration , tama

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