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Default Joe Calato, Regal Tip drumsticks, RIP
I thought VDF members might be interested in this obituary.
Regards, Marty Black

The Buffalo News, Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Deidre Williams, News Staff Reporter

Joseph D. Calato, 102, invented nylon-tipped drumstick
March 20, 1921- Sept. 1, 2023

Joseph "Joe" D. Calato, who revolutionized the percussion industry by inventing the nylon tip drumstick, which led to the founding of the renowned Regal Tip drumstick company, died Sept. 1 in Niagara Hospice following a short illness. He was 102.

A Niagara Falls native, Mr. Calato was a talented drummer and skilled cabinet maker. He developed his own special drumsticks in his basement workshop in 1958 because the tips of his drumsticks kept wearing down. Other local drummers soon were asking him to make them sticks, too. Demand became so great that Calato closed his kitchen cabinet company and started making drumsticks instead.

The invention led to the founding of the Regal Tip brand, which became one of the world's largest makers of wooden drumsticks and other percussion mallets. Its products are sold internationally and endorsed by dozens of leading rock and jazz musicians, including Lars Ulrich from Metallica, Chester Thompson from Genesis, Jeff Porcaro from Toto, Eric Carr from , and Dennis Chambers from jazz fusion guitarist John Scofield's band.

Among his other patented inventions were fasteners for the heads of marching drum mallets; a model of brushes that became an international bestseller; a drum practice set; and a bass drum pedal.

His accomplishments led him to become the recipient of many awards, including Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, and the Niagara Falls Hall of Fame.

He studied engineering at the University at Buffalo before leaving to serve during World War II as a navigator on B-17s in the Army Air Force. While home on leave near the end of the war, he met Katherine Laurri. They were married in 1946 and were together for 72 years before she died in 2019.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Calato enjoyed golf, fishing, gardening, cooking and spending time with his family and friends.

Mr. Calato is survived by two daughters, Carol Calato and Cathy Calato Stephens; a son Joseph S.; seven grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.
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Cool Re: Joe Calato, Regal Tip drumsticks, RIP
Thanks for posting...He lived a good life!!

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Default Re: Joe Calato, Regal Tip drumsticks, RIP
Too bad. I loved the sticks and especially the retracting brushes.
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God

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