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Default Antique Cymbals found
2 Cymbals from a trap set appr. 12" and 14" one is stamped. Does anybody know where they were made? Thx
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Default Re: Antique Cymbals found
Old Turkish pie
April 2nd 1969 scarfed pink champagne holly wood and 65/66 downbeat snare, and , supra same year very minty kit old pies
66/67 downbeat with canister
Super 400 small round knob
1967 super classic obp

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Default Re: Antique Cymbals found
they look like the Italian or German series that put the crescent moon in the 30s 40s , sold with the drum kits (ludwig, premier, etc)
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Default Re: Antique Cymbals found
Originally Posted by jaghog View Post
Old Turkish pie
Not K Zildjian Istanbul. Not the earlier K Zildjian Constantinople. If there is some currently unknown Turkish manufacturer who was using that trademark that would be news to me. Bill Hartrick (Drumaholic) who did the original work on these called them "Ersatz Old Ks". If you search for Ersatz on this forum you can see some previous discussion.

As steff suggests that trademark is more likely Italian or perhaps German (or maybe some other Country). I don't know much about the German cymbals. I have recorded a number of different presumed Italian cymbals which include things like the star and moon, some sort of Arabic looking script, and sometimes the word Constantinople, in an effort to appear Turkish in origin. But I have not yet got a set of reliable classification rules so you can spot the Ersatz Old Ks. So my Which K Stamp? tool stops short of documenting all the older K Zildjian Constantinople stamps and does not give a complete picture of the Ersatz Old Ks.

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Default Re: Antique Cymbals found
I have a cymbal with the same stamp, or, actually, just "Composition," star and crescent and also the letters "WM 1942."
Possibly a marching cymbal from a Wehrmacht band?
It sounds exceptionally terrible and seems to be made of an unusual alloy, like B12 or something.
Sysl krysu nenahradi!

-196?-72 6ply White Oyster Amati
-1960s 3ply Red Sparkle Amati
- Zildjian, Paiste, Zyn, Istanbul


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