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Default Re: 1964 Rogers Constellation in Sparkling Green Pearl
Originally Posted by Dan Boucher View Post
Beautiful drums Mark. I'm going to guess that particular Dynasonic would draw a very high price because of its era (very early beavertail) and its color, which is quite rare. Hawk eyes on the rods Mark. Interestingly enough, when I got my red onyx Dynasonic (which I have sold) it had the wrong rods too. They buyer changed them, though it was 67/68-ish snare and could have come from the shop with the rods like this one. It is highly unlikely this green one had the later rods from day one.

What do you think about the sound of that Dynasonic. Do you find it lives up to the reputation?
Dan and Mark!

In regards to a price, I would think that this particular Dyna would sell for in excess of $2500. You just never know about the market at any given time.

As for the tension rods, they are not even Rogers. Attached is a picture of my "Dynatone" snare drum. All the parts were transfered from my 1966 COB Dynasonic. The tension rods are of the "square head" variety, with threading that extends all the way up to about 1/4" below the collar.

Mark, it's difficult to tell from your pictures, but does the chrome tension screw for the snare frame have a slot in it? Compare it to the screw on my frame. If no slot, it may be an aftermarket.

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