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Default Advice on cleaning / maintaining Drums Kit
Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice please.

I've just bought a Yamaha Stage Custom kit and noticed that it needs a little TLC. The lugs are full of a dirty looking gunk, the metal work looks very slightly corroded, even the inside screws (perhaps kept in a slightly cold room).

I'm considering re skinning and doing some maintenance on the kit.

Can anyone recommend the best process to clean the drums completely and the best products to use?

With thanks
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Default Re: Advice on cleaning / maintaining Drums Kit
Hi Gavin!

Wow, this is a subject with lots of answers! Everyone has their own way that they've developed over time. Here's a link to a 10-page article that should help you tremendously! Good luck! http://www.musicradar.com/tuition/dr...r-drums-523321

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Default Re: Advice on cleaning / maintaining Drums Kit
I take them completely apart. All metal parts go in the dishwasher, or if they're really grungy/rusty they get washed in the sink the old fashioned way. Then they get polished with automotive chrome polish. The shells get cleaned and waxed with car wax.

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