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Old 01-27-2017, 06:36 PM
d.w.zildjian d.w.zildjian is offline
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Default Buddy Rich Drum Company?

Interesting listing on Boston Craigslist-ad mentions these drums were made by the Buddy Rich Drum Company.......
1967 Ludwig Psychedelic Red Downbeat Kit (all original)w/14 in floor tom
Noble and Cooley Walnut snare
Noble and Cooley Horizon 6 piece kit in blue sparkle
2002 Noble and Cooley 4 piece Studio Classic in natural maple
Nov 3 1967 Ludwig chrome Supraphonic
1990s Pearl Session Custom in Amber fade
20 Zildjians
1984 Tama Superstar Bell Brass Snare
Noble and Cooley natural cherry snare
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Old 01-27-2017, 07:01 PM
Pythonman Pythonman is offline
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Default Re: Buddy Rich Drum Company?

Yep, there was such a thing. Not vintage but vintage flavored.
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Old 01-27-2017, 09:06 PM
idrum4fun idrum4fun is offline
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Default Re: Buddy Rich Drum Company?

A really nice kit, too! The CL seller is asking only $900. Sounds like a bargain to me, especially when you consider that that there is one on eBay right now for $5500. Of course we all know that one is WAY overpriced!

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Old 01-27-2017, 09:27 PM
K.O. K.O. is offline
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Default Re: Buddy Rich Drum Company?

Depending on the model you could buy these brand new for $900 at one time. Sam Ash had them at that price. I was really tempted to get one. The hardware is cool, like DW style mounts but with a BR shield in place of the DW. There were different versions, first DW did some Buddy tribute drums and then there was the Buddy Rich Drum Co. that made the ones I'm talking about. If I remember right some of their output was imported (or at least parts of it were) but there was mention on their website of doing custom high end versions as well although I never saw any of those. I think it was a boutique builder who Cathy sanctioned, or perhaps hired, to build these drums.

I kind of regret not buying the set I saw at Sam Ash, it was there for a few months but finally sold. Bound to be "collectible" at some point.
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