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Default Re: Dec 5, 2022 - Gallery System
Yes, the ongoing saga of the Gallery System! I want it right and I also want it to serve a purpose for research. I think we are pretty close. There is a lot in there for you all to look at. There is a "My Images" - If you put your mouse over the "Gallery" link in the header section, and click on it, it will show you all of the images that you have submitted to the forum since the forum began! Please take a look and browse this area.

Also, if you go to "Gallery Home" (same mouse-over menu) click that, you will now see a search box!! Woohoo... See the attachment.

Test it with and without "Quotes". I have tested with and without quotes myself. It may need some tweaking, but it is working for me. I get some stray images here and there. The majority of issues and I know TommyP can attest to this is how the original posts were created. Titles that are not complete, limited or just plain terrible. An example of a title that does no good for anyone "My Drum Set"! If that is you, I forgive you. We are not all META TAG experts. I know at the time of making such a post, you are not thinking about Google searches Read this expertly crafted title, "1959 Vintage Slingerland Sparkling Read Pearl Drum Set" is the way to go for research and for Google. TommyP is relishing in my very direct and keyword ready title...
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