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Default Ludwig ResoCoat Color-Good matches?

I am restoring a Keystone Era Downbeat (I think anyway. It's 12/14/20). Is that a Downbeat?

Anyway, for some reason, a previous owner put extra disappearing spurs on the batter side of the bass drum as well. They were removed before I got them, so I filled in the two large holes at the bottom of the bass drum. I have some extra wrap to hide the fill in on the outside, and I was going to re-paint the Resocoat on the inside to touch it up. I know it's an "off white" or "Antique White" color. Anyone know of any "official" colors that will match it?



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Default Re: Ludwig ResoCoat Color-Good matches?
May be of some help. https://vintagedrumguide.com/paintin...interiors.html

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