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Default Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs

And the floor tom wrap is highly discolored and looks like it has cracks. Wants $1000.
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Default Re: Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs
Too bad that floor Tom looks like it’s had some water damage. It really is a beautiful kit but yeah, high priced.
Pics for reference
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Default Re: Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs
Someone is very proud of a "Vintage" drum set, so it must be valuable.

But it is easier to accept a lower offer than to ask for more after an offer is made.
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Default Re: Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs
I see the same "strategy" used in our courtrooms. A guy files a lawsuit for thousands of dollars while knowing full well that he should receive a couple hundred at the most. The thinking is "let someone else tell me I don't deserve thousands". Does the strategy work? Usually not, but there's always that one time.
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Default Re: Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs
I had one Stewart kit a long time ago. It was the smaller 20, 12, 14 configuration with a matching snare like the one in this advert. Essentially a blue onyx wrap or close variant as I recall. A great sounding little kit that was pretty well built. Back then - 90's - I probably paid $200 or $250 for it and sold it similarly. This WMP set does seem a bit high priced, but lately I'm wondering if anyone is being realistic given the shrinking wallets of a lot of folks right now. Kits that only a few years back would have been $2500 are being priced at double that. It's kind of like when the Gretsch bop sets with the 18" bass went stratospheric. Don't know about most, but to me it feels like pinch time rather than buy big time.
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Default Re: Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs
Various people have weighed in on the MIJ price craziness, and a few things stick out to me--

1) As we age, price increases take us by surprise because we lose track of time. I was incredulous of the prices currently being charged for decent-condition Acros, because I used to be able to get them for $130.00. Then I remembered that was 2006.

2) In regard to MIJ stuff in particular, the available high-quality stock is gradually diminishing. Luan is fragile, wraps crack and peel, those faux-Slingy strainers break, etc.

3) MIJ was cheap 15-20 years ago because no one wanted it in the Alt/Nu-metal/post-grunge era. Now, as has been observed, boomers with money want their first set back and are driving a bubble market. In 30 years people will be talking this way about Yamaha Stage Customs and Asian-production OCDP stuff and so on.

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Default Re: Another MIJ Wacko Seller On Drugs
I just sold this one for $299 incl. snare no hardware. in USD that is more like $225.
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