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Default Carlton!
Hi all,
Apologies for double posting but thought I should cover all bases: I need 8 Carlton floor tom tension rods, this FT is the model with a centre lug so I require very long rods! 19.4cms from the tip of the thread to the base of the (slotted) head. I am located in Australia but I am desperate to get a set of these so I'm willing to pay the exorbitant cost of international postage.

If someone can help me out I will be able to post a picture of my white Carlton 501 kit...with bongos! And I'll throw in some photos of my (recently overhauled by Kentville drums) Carlton King kit, complete with that oh so easily lost snare lever! Have been meaning to put these up for a while but not the most tech savvy individual...

And yes, I have tried Nick Hopkins already, I bought a set which were in a bag stolen from my tour van in Antwerp, he has no more!

carlton , premier

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