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Old 07-01-2011, 12:27 AM
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Default Cymbals, Cases, Heads, Parts

Hey all - I have a few things that need homes, and I could use a few things... Lists below!

- Bosphorus 20" Antique Original Ride VIDEO PHOTO
- Istanbul 17" Epoch Prototype VIDEO PHOTO
- 20" Wind Gong
- H&B Enduro Pro 9x13 Case
- H&B Enduro 22" Cymbal Safe (Tastefully home-foamed)
- 13+16" NEW Remo Heads (RenEMP, SuedeEMP, SuedeAMB, SmoothWhtAMB, CoAMB)
- Sonor Teardrop Lugs
- Tama Iron Cobra Felt Beater


- 14x18 Kick Drum Bag
- 8x12 & 14x14 Tom Bags
- Short FT Legs (a la 60's Ludwig, but I don't care if they're MIJ/whatever)
- "Fold Out" Spurs (again, a la 60's Ludwig but don't care if they're Gibraltar, Danmar, whatever)
- 16" Kick or Marching Snare/Tenor with wood hoops (preferably not single-tension)
- 12/14" Drumheads (new)
- Beater (not "project") 18" or 20" kick.
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Old 07-21-2011, 11:50 PM
EZduzzit EZduzzit is offline
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Default Re: Cymbals, Cases, Heads, Parts

Howdy Kb,

I have a 20" bass drum with Slingerland after market lugs and both front and back wood hoops with blue sparkle inlay. has Pearl 7/8" tom mount hardware and original MIJ spurs.
I can send pictures if you are interested. Probably single ply with maple reinforcement rings.
When I got it I was told it was an old Ludwig or Pearl, but it is probably just a MIJ knockoff.

I'm looking at a trade for the 17" Istanbul

Send me a PM if we can work something out. I will forward pictures.


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Old 07-22-2011, 03:18 AM
RogerSling RogerSling is offline
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Default Re: Cymbals, Cases, Heads, Parts

I've got a set of the gull wing spurs. Don't recall, but they might be Danmar replacements. I've also got a 14 case. It's one of those Canadian cases. Not too bad. I'm just interested in the 13 case and drum heads. I'll pay the difference if you like.
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