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Default Is this REALLY a Pearl Drum?

I got a snare in Michigan.
The snare (& Michigan!!) is quite a state!

I’ve oiled & cleaned it; added Lug Gaskets & switched
round the internal muffler but nothing more...

It seems to never have had a badge but, as I say, it
WAS neglected!

I can’t seem to upload photos, here but the throwoff
Is quite Gretch looking with a large knurled screw which
Looks like the muffler control too

It has a tiny Script Pearl logo on the snare itself and
the interior has a few wild discolourations, that look
Original, to the plating. Most obvious is the milled lines
between two grooves All along the Center exterior

Hope this description is recognised someone
&/or you can possibly still view it here:


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Default Re: Is this REALLY a Pearl Drum?
Yes it is a Pearl-built snare. Pearl "Sound King" knockoff lugs have the squared off base. Could be one of dozens of stencil brands using Pearl as their source company.

identify , mystery , pearl , snare

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